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Inspiration Cove

Our solar-powered, nature-and-beach lover’s dream camp on the coast will serve as our seasonal base for our courageous crews to embark on their soul adventures: harnessing the pleasant breezes while restoring ourselves and our mama earth to cosmic harmony.

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Sailing the Holy Land's Coast, up-close and purposeful.

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All plans include a simple, health’ful, bount’ful breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a shady place to sleep/pitch a tent, and water. Special beverages (such as beer or kambucha, when available) are not included. Tents, sleeping bags, pillows, and air mattresses are available for rent if you don’t have your own.

3 Days / $414*

• 3 days of sailing and coastal exploration!

• Three daily health'ful, bount'ful meals

• Meditation and holistic Judaic exploration

• Help restore the Holy Land's beautiful beaches!

Let's Go!

6 Days / $720*

• Everything included in First Mate plan, PLUS:

• A full six days exploring the historical Israeli coast by sailboat!

• Introduction to global cruising by sail

• 10% off one of our international trips

Let's Go!

10 Days / $936*

• Everything included in the Captain Plan, PLUS:

• 10 days sailing and costal exploration!

• Spiritual Shabbat with healthful food and drink

• Post-Shabbat campfire jam and dance party!

Let's Go!

* Scholarships available. Please contact us if you are interested but are pinched for pennies. If you would like to enable others to enjoy this awesome experience by contributing to our scholarship fund, please donate! (It’s tax deductible, too!)

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"Zevulun Tribe is, in its own, unique, fun-loving way, filling a dire void within the Jewish world. Their bold approach transforms lives in inexplicable ways, joyously navigating the ultimate frontier: the infinite potential of the human spirit."
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Ours is the namesake of the seafaring tribe of ancient Israel, the tribe of Zevulun. As they would plow the oceans in search of riches, so do we, searching for riches of the soul. These, we know, we can find only through living a life in harmony with ourselves and the universe, in health and healing.

We invite you to join us on our oceanic adventure, as we explore wisdom and life, restoring and reinvigorating ourselves, hand-in-hand with our world’s suffering ecology.

The Crew

Capt’n Shemminy Beckin’s

Founder, CEO

Shoshana “Boat-Yogi” Beck

Founder, CFO, Yogi-On-Call

Shlomo “Gold-Soul” Goodfriend

Founder, Chief Operations Officer

Moshe “Reggae-On” Rosenbaum

Tribe Photo/Videographer

Rabbi “Shine-Heart” Stadlin

Educational Navigator

Eddie “Ready” Williams

A really cool, helpful guy


Contact us if you’ve got some skillz you’d like to contribute! We’d love to hear from you!